Teaching Aboriginal Content in the Stage 6 Sciences

One day Teacher Professional Learning Program Gibberagong EEC, Bobbin Head

This training day will introduce some of the amazing scientific innovations and world firsts created by Aboriginal cultures over the last 68 000 years and demonstrate how that knowledge represents an approach to science that is very different to our own.

The course will address:

  • the LAC priorities, specifically engaging with the Stage 6 Biology, Chemistry, Investigating Science and Earth and Environmental Science Syllabuses
  • explore key themes and understandings from the various curricula such as the treatment of toxic compounds
  • megafauna and climate change and Aboriginal land management systems
    There will be an opportunity to engage in developing practical, achievable ways of incorporating Aboriginal science into the Stage 6 Science classroom. Participants will also receive a structured, detailed document that provides background information, lesson suggestions and discussion questions, including links to appropriate references, for all syllabus points with an Indigenous focussed LAC priority across the various stage 6 Science curricula. The course is run by Dave Harrington botanist, ethnographer, educator and ecologist consultant and the DoE Aboriginal Education and Wellbeing team.
  • Date: Wednesday 8th May 2019
    Cost: $100 per person
    Registration link: https://myplsso.education.nsw.gov.au/q/NR23905
    Inquiries: David Smith p: 9457 8245 e: david.smith27@det.nsw.edu.au