Our New Lessons in Nature Website

Our new Lessons in Nature website provides engaging themed tasks that can be taught in the classroom or at home. The activities are curriculum-based and include an offline option. We welcome any feedback and we hope it is of value to you.

Department of Education Policy Library – The policy library contains all current operational policies in the NSW Department of Education.

Gibberagong Program Resources

Gibberagong EEC Aboriginal Studies Teachers Resource Book A resource to support Aboriginal learning programs at Gibberagong EEC

Caring for Country Resources View the presentations and resources created by teachers during the last 4 years

My People – Teacher reference book on Aboriginal People of Northern Sydney

Teaching Units/Plans

Caring for Place – Caring for Country – A Stage 1 HSIE unit of work

Aboriginal perspectives – Strategies for adding Aboriginal perspectives across KLAs

Aboriginal Education COG – Aboriginal content in Connected Outcome Groups

Food and Fibre Production – an Aboriginal Perspective (Stage 4) – A NSW DPI Schools Program

Australian Curriculum: Science ATSI Histories and Cultures cross-curriculum priority – Content elaborations and teacher background information for Foundation to Year 6 (Nov 2019)

Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander Resources – A list of Aboriginal texts to use with students on the National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature website.

Aboriginal Studies Resource Pages

Aboriginal Studies Teacher Resources – resources and websites fr teachers

Sydney Cultural Sites

Sydney Aboriginal Rock Engravings – information on some of Sydney’s best known sites

Sydney’s Forgotten Aboriginal Sites – Discussion around the importance of places.

Aboriginal Languages

Aboriginal Languages document – This document contains numerous links to excellent resources across a range of topics including languages.

Darug language dictionary can be found here

Learning About Local Country

Teaching and Learning on Darug Country This site has been developed to encourage teachers and pre-service teachers working on Darug country to set their teaching of Aboriginal histories and cultures within Darug country, and to include Darug people in their planning and teaching.

Our Place – Aboriginal Stories Three films that showcase some of the Aboriginal stories associated with the local government area, as told by descendants of the Darug and Guringai peoples and other trusted Aboriginal community leaders.

Aboriginal People of Coastal – The Australian Museum


‘We Don’t Need a Map’ documentary on SBS. A resource for teachers about the Southern Cross.

Emu dreaming – An informative article about the link between significant sites in Sydney and astronomy.

New coins celebrate Indigenous astronomy, the stars, and the dark spaces between them – an article about the new coins that feature the great Emu in the Sky and the Seven Sisters

Through Our Eyes – Dhinawan ‘Emu’ In The Sky with Ben Flick – Ben Flick, an Aboriginal man from the Kamilaroi language group of north-western NSW, explains a creation story passed down to him regarding ‘the emu in the sky”.

Dreaming Stories

Dharawal Dreaming Stories. Although not from the northern Sydney area, Dharawal is our neighbour. Many of these refer to the Guringai and Darug Peoples as well.

Seasonal Calendar

Indigineous Weather Knowledge This is a Dharawal calendar, however geographically (and meteorologically) similar to our location.

Bush Resources/Gardens

Bush Resource Garden Kit from State AECG can be ordered here.

Bushtuckerplantlist – Bush tucker plant list from the Royal Botanic Gardens

Easy Damper Recipe – the easiest damper recipe you will have know

Bush Tucker Shop – the online home of Kurrajong Australian Native Foods

The Bush Tucker Guide – This page is taken from a booklet written by Gemma White in 2008 on Australian bush tucker survival foods that are found in the Mitchell Park (Cattai) region of Sydney.

Land Management

Viewpoints from the New Australians on Aboriginal Land Usage and Management – A teaching resource written by Dave Lardner.

Every important colonial building in Sydney replaced a significant First Nations city site.


“Why Our Kids Should Learn Aboriginal History” – Article in ‘The Conversation’

“Aboriginal People – How to Misunderstand their Science” – Article in The Conversation’

Aboriginal fire management – part of the solution to destructive bushfires – Article in the Conversation


Guringai Elders contact Laurie Bimson, t: +61 438 877 509 e: guringaitours@gmail.com
Koori Kinnections – Aboriginal incursion program


Amazing Cicada Life Cycle – Sir David Attenborough’s Life in the Undergrowth – BBC wildlife

Sea Turtle Lifecycle – State of the World’s Sea Turtles

Lifestages of the Brush Turkey (video)

Dragonfly life stages on-line resources (web link)


Cool Australia – A fantastic resource of teaching resources for environmental and sustainability education.

Splash – The ABC’s education website where you can search over one thousand videos and games, all mapped to the Australian Curriculum.


WilderQuest – an online program developed by the NPWS (web link)

General Teaching Resources/Units

DoE Geography website – This recently updated website is a terrific resource that describes the inquiry process and provides sample teaching and learning frameworks.

DoE Geography Resources – Features the geographical toolkit, using picture books in geography, geography terminology continuum K-10.

GeogSpace offers quality primary and secondary geography resource materials for all teachers of geography. GeogSpace, an initiative of the Australian Geography Teachers Association (AGTA) supported by the resources of Education Services Australia (ESA).

HSIE Teachers – A fantastic site to locate resources for K-12 with focus on History and Geography. Created particularly for a NSW/Australian audience.

History Units – Units and resources for teachers from History Teachers Association of Australia

Picture Books

Guide to Using Picture Books in Geography K-10


Catchment Detox – Students can play an online game to learn about catchments. Created by ABC Science, CSIRO and others the site also provides resources for teaching about catchments.


Energy audit proforma – Use this document to assist with conducting an energy audit in your school.


Biodiversity audit – Conduct a biodiversity audit in your school.


DoE Sustainability website – The recently created website is best place to start when looking for teaching and learning resources relating to all areas of sustainability.

Sustainable Schools NSW – Another brilliant resource for teachers. This curriculum focussed resource is a hub for environmental education.

World Wildlife Fund Environmental Footprint Calculator

Behaviour Change

Boomerang Bags – a community based sustainable solution to plastic bags.

Buy Me Once – a website promoting items that are designed to last.

Change One Thing – a website with simple and practical ideas about making sustainable living choices.

Zero Waste Blog The Rogue Ginger – an Australian blog promoting a Zero Waste lifestyle.

Milo Cress – Youth Sustainability Leader – Be Straw Free

Activist Abby – Youth Sustainability Leader – Abby Goldberg – Plastic Bag Bans

Cool Australia Curriculum Materials – Teaching resources linked to the Australian Curriculum. Select “Outdoor Learning” from the Topic menu and search for your relevant stage.

Nature Play QLD – Lesson plans for outdoor learning for different stages are available via the education/lesson plans tab on this website. All learning is linked to Australian Curriculum.

Outdoor Classroom Day Australia – Lesson ideas linked to Australian Curriculum. Go to “Resources/Lesson Ideas” tab.

Creative Star Learning by Juliette Robertson – This blog is written by a leader in the field of Outdoor Learning in Scotland. There are many outdoor English and Maths ideas on this site.