To book a program at Gibberagong EEC, please call 02 9457 8245 during normal school business hours or complete the booking inquiry form below.

Before making a booking, decide on the program you would like your students to undertake. Programs can be modified to meet the needs of your students. Two to three classes are able to visit for day programs, although this depends on availability of the Centre’s staff.

On making a booking, an excursion package will be sent to the organising teacher. This package includes an excursion confirmation, resource material and details for the bus company including a map. Please ensure location information is forwarded on to the bus company as we do conduct excursions in a variety of locations.

Prior to the visit, the organising teacher should ensure that students are dressed appropriately for their visit, including closed-in shoes and hats. Students are also required to bring a healthy, waste-free lunch and a sufficient amount of water as canteen facilities are not available.

On the day of the visit, please call the teaching staff directly if you are unsure whether the excursion will proceed due to unsafe weather conditions. You may call David (Principal) on 0425 270 124 or Brad (Teacher) on 0414 613 135. Decisions about cancelling are generally made on the morning at 6.30am after the staff at Gibberagong have communicated with the organising teacher. This allows for cancellation of buses without penalty.

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